Happiness Is Breaking Our Spiritual Connection

We have been raised in a world where happiness is our biggest focus.

We all just want to be happy.

We want our children to be happy.

Present day marketing teaches us we will only be happy when we have that house or this car or the perfect partner or the right job.

Everything focuses on happiness.

The problem with happiness is it comes and goes.

It’s like the feelings of sadness or excitement or joy or anger.

They come and go.

Like the waves on the ocean.

How many times have you been in a happy place and received a phone call or email and it has sent you straight to anger or sadness?

These emotions aren’t sustainable.

And when you are in a heightened emotion, it can be difficult to connect in.

It doesn’t matter whether that heightened emotion makes you feel good or brings you down, the connection is impacted.

You might be thinking that this is wrong. You can connect in when you are happy.

And of course you can.

It’s just not the same as when you are in peace.

Peace is something that can be felt no matter what emotion you are feeling.

Whether the situation you are in makes you feel happy or sad, you can be at peace.

Peace can permeate your life 24/7 regardless of what you are feeling at that time.

In 2017 we had our most difficult year.

It was more difficult than the year my husband had cancer.

Something unexpected hit us, one thing after the other.

It was relentless.

Job losses, deaths of family, friends and our beloved pet, my husband having to work overseas for 3 months, unable to find a job, surgery, illnesses, financial challenges … the year has been an endless battering, one experience after the other.

It was really tough.

My mother said to me recently she is in awe of how we have dealt with the year we had.

If she went through it, she isn’t sure she would have coped the way we did.

What got me through was staying in a place of peace.

I was at peace when I was so sick and my son was sick, sleeping on me and throwing up all over me at 1am.

I was at peace when family died and my mother-in-law had a heart attack.

I was at peace when we made the decision it was time to let our dog go.

I was at peace when we said farewell to my husband as he boarded a plane for 3 months.

I was at peace when the bank account became low.

I was at peace and my husband received job rejection after another.

It didn’t mean I liked it or that it made me feel good.

I was sad, angry, fearful and stressed.

But what I found, while being at peace, the ups and downs, the ebbs and flows of emotions reduced.

I didn’t feel them so extremely.

Which meant that I could remain connected and hear and feel the guidance on all levels despite the stress.

With every rejection my husband got for work, I could remain connected and knew that something big was going to happen.

Every day he spent overseas working and I was at home with our 3 year old running the home and business, I was at peace.

There were really tough days, especially when our son really missed his father, but I was at peace and this allowed me to parent easier.

And this is what I mean by happiness breaking our spiritual connection.

Focusing heavily on our emotions breaks our spiritual connection because they are conditional and loaded and create huge tsunami like waves.

Being at peace and allowing the emotions just to wash around you means they impact you like small bow waves.


Doesn’t mean you have to like what is happening.

It doesn’t mean that you have to enjoy it.

What it means is you are ok in it, no matter what is going on.

And over the small bow waves, you can look over them and connect in.

Have you ever tried to meditate after really exciting news?

It is almost impossible, right?

There is too much emotion playing out.

Just as it is really tricky to meditate when there is severe stress.

So how do you do remain at peace?

Know, within your body, you are going to be ok.

You are always ok.

You have always been taken care of.

When stress arises, remind yourself that these are just emotions and you will be ok.

There is a bigger purpose playing out.

Feel the emotion and drop beneath it.

By feeling it, you are burning it out.

Emotions are just chemical reactions inside the body and if we feel them, we burn them out and can drop back into peace.

So next time you are on the tsunami waves bobbing up and down, step into peace and allow it to become small insignificant waves so you can connect in, find your answers through your peace.

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Helena Ryan lives in Brisbane Australia with her husband, son and border collie. She works with clients all around the world and is a manifesting master. When she’s not working she’s reading books, going camping or bushwalking or playing diggers with her son in the sandpit. She loves to garden and travel. She has served in the Australian Army and spent a decade as a Primary School Teacher. In 2011 she helped her husband clear his cancer, a 6x4x2” tumour around his lungs.

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